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What is the main focus area of Arlo Netgear cameras?

Netgear went with the Arlo camera in a different way. If conventional IP cameras store data on any local storage, such as NAS, Arlo Pro is focused on the cloud.

How can I use my Arlo Netgear camera?

To use Arlo cameras, the user should set up an account, and the base station must have a permanent Internet connection. The advantage of such a configuration is obvious: for the storage of data, the presence of a NAS is not required, recorded records are available at any time.

What pitfall will we can experience with this device?

The main pitfall” that not everyone will like: by default, video recordings are stored for seven days. If you want to extend the retention period, you will have to buy a cloud subscription.

Why my password for Arlo Netgear camera needs to be strong enough?

Of course, when creating an account, you should pay special attention to a strong password, because if your account is hacked by an attacker, it will get access to the videos.

Is it good decision to go for Arlo Netgear camera for security purpose?

If you want to protect your home with a first-class indoor / outdoor webcam that is weatherproof, waterproof and can be used completely wirelessly, then Netgear Arlo Pro is the best option for you.

Please tell us about the main features of the Arlo Netgear cameras?

  1. Arlo Netgear cameras are powerful, versatile and easily customizable and offer a wide range of useful functions. These include various types of alerts when motion / sound is detected and programmable scheduling.
  2. For these reasons, Netgear Arlo is our choice among security cameras for indoor / outdoor security. This camera almost does not concede the Arlo Q version that won our choice of edition, the advantages of which are that it can record continuously and does not need a base station

Does it make any difference if there is a absence of stands and bases in the Netgear Pro?

Since Netgear Arlo Pro does not have stands or bases, the compact camera has a low profile, which makes it relatively easy to hide it from an accidental observer. To make it even less noticeable, you can put on it a black silicone cover, which also provides protection from sunlight glare, but you should remember the basic rules of disguise. A black camera on a white background will be noticeable both day and night.

Can I use this device for indoor as well as outdoor purpose?

Yes, Netgear Arlo Pro is weatherproof and waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors.

How will I know about the battery backup of my Arlo Netgear Camera?

Eight infrared LEDs are placed above and around the lens. The LED indicator on the front of the camera changes colors and flashes to provide information about charging the battery, synchronization mode and firmware upgrade.

Can I leave my camera permanently on?

If you want, you can keep the camera permanently on. Otherwise, it can be located anywhere in the house and simply periodically put over charging.

Why Arlo Netgear cameras come along with base station?

The base station provides a stable Wi-Fi connection (2.4 GHz 802.11n) to your network without limiting the number of cameras supported by one base station. The device with a smooth outline measures about 178 x 127 x 32 m. The 1.8-meter cord is connected to the rear panel and ends with a power supply unit of 76 x 51 x 2 x 31.7 mm.

Is it easy to install or manage the device for use?

It is not to be underestimated that the installation and management of the cameras are sufficiently intuitive, so even a person with little technical knowledge can handle them. It is not necessary to route cables to a network because the camera is wireless.

Will I need a specific device to store my all cameras records for future use?

You do not need a special device to store camera records because a free cloud space is used. This gives you uninterrupted access to cameras and recordings from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

What if the desired space is no sufficient for keeping he records?

To whom this will not be enough, can expand the cloud storage through paid subscription. In this case, you can store data as much as 15 cameras. In addition, you can set up a continuous video recording and shoot every day for 24 hours at a time.

What if your internet browser is no suitable for your Arlo website?

He official Arlo site supports below mentioned browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox 3.5
  3. Internet Explorer 10
  4. Safari 3

What if your web browser is degenerated while login into Arlo Netgear camera via netgear.com?

Some of the time settings in your web browser are degenerate. As a rule, shutting and reviving your program will solve these issues.

Can I manage some of the functions of Arlo camera through my Smartphone?

Netgear does not have its own thermostat or smoke alarm to automatically connect to its security cameras. But through the base station Netgear Arlo Pro need to be associated to the Samsung Smart Things hub, which is managed by an app called Smart Things application and work with other compatible products from different manufacturers.

Can I customize my Arlo Negear Pro as per my requirement?

Yes, you can customize Netgear Arlo Proso. But you still have to use the Netgear Arlo application for some features not found in the SmartThings application, such as motion sensitivity settings, schedule changes, and geo-referencing.

Can my Arlo camera accessed by only IP address, or can be integrated into any other system?

No, the Arlo camera can’t be accessed simply by IP address; they cannot be integrated into any other system.

Can I use a motion detection function to turn on Hue lighting via my Arlo Camera?

Yes, you can.

How can I access my Arlo camera?

First you should download the Arlo application via the AppStore or PlayStore. Then the user is offered to either login to an existing account, or creates a new one. Next, the base station should be connected to the router and powered. After a while, the application will automatically find the base station, you can start working.

How to pair up an Arlo camera?

The process of pairing went smoothly. Just select the camera, and then press the two synchronization buttons on the base station and on the camera.

How to install a battery inside a new Arlo Camera?

To install the battery inside, the camera must be opened. The battery is charged in the installed state via the micro-USB port. Either batteries can be contaminated in external charging, but it will have to be bought separately. In principle, this investment justifies itself, because you do not have to shoot the camera every time to recharge the battery.

How the camera suspension can be handled?

An unusual depression can be seen behind the camera. However, it is part of the camera suspension. Netgear abandoned the usual hinge by choosing another solution. The camera comes with two metal hemispheres. They are already screwed with ordinary screws.

What to do if I don’t want to use the magnetic holder in the camera?

If you do not want to use the magnetic holder, you can screw the camera to the hinge with a screw, there is a corresponding hole with a thread. But the hinge is not included in the package.

What is the base station of the camera?

The base station looks more modest, it is enclosed in a matte case with rounded corners. However, it should not attract attention to itself; the base station will mimic the surroundings of the living room.

What is the best place to locate a base station?

The base station should be located somewhere in the central place of the room, If you are activating the siren function.

Where the recorded video in Arlo camera is stored?

The captured video is not stored locally (for example, on a NAS), but is downloaded to the Netgear cloud. A basic subscription is available for free.

Why the Netgear need to be praised separately for installing Arlo camera?

For the installation process Netgear should be praised separately, because there are practically no obstacles when setting up the cameras. Is that the application a couple of times for a long time “thought”, but here helped return to the previous step and repeat.

Can I get a notification or signal when someone enters into my house?

The camera is able to act as a siren, issuing an alarm with a loudness of 100 dB, if during your absence someone got into the house.

Is my wireless Arlo camera is capable of connecting to the existing Wi-Fi network?

Yes, the camera can quickly connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. A wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 130 degrees provides the ability to monitor the entire room. There is a video recording for the cloud service.

Is it worthwhile to buy an Arlo Camera?

Arlo Camera is a significant upgrade to its predecessor. Especially the rechargeable battery is in continuous use a big comfort gain, especially since the runtime is high. The new base station is also a reason to resort to the newer model thanks to its higher range and alarm function. The camera reliably fulfills its purpose and stores its images online, so that they are also available on the go

Which special feature can be use to record to record a video at a particular time?

In standard mode, the camera will only start recording when it detects motion or noise. Alternatively, the user can use the app to record at specific times or use the GPS feature of the phone.

Is my video quality will be good enough with an Arlo camera?

The video recordings are sharp enough with 720p, and the camera also works reliably in the dark.

What is the key role of the base station of an Arlo camera?

The base station of the Arlo Pro stores your images on the cloud on requestNetgear servers. The trick: Netgear gives buyers of the system the opportunity to retrieve the recordings of the past seven days via the online portal at no extra cost. That should be enough in most cases to detect suspicious activity or even a burglar.

What is the other option to keep a backup, if we don’t want to rely on cloud backup?

If you do not want to rely on the cloud backup, you can connect a USB hard disk to the base station and store the recordings locally, regardless of the selected tariff. Regardless of the storage location, the images can be viewed at any time via the Arlo app on the smartphone or play on the PC.

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