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Arlo brand is a sister brand of Netgear Inc. Every single thing that makes Netgear worth buying is present in this brand as well. Arlo name was registered by Netgear Inc. so as to make a separate brand name for its new Smart Wi-Fi enabled Camera Systems. This was done so as to make a new luxurious brand of Smart Home Cameras. Basically, Arlo uses your house Wi-Fi system for transmitting the data collected by the camera, i.e. all the footage that is captured by the Arlo cameras is recorded and stored on the local SD card. However, it is also possible to store all the captured footage onto the Arlo Cloud. This is usually done by Arlo itself and the end user does not need to store any kind of configuration onto the device. Other big feature of Arlo cameras is that it can be easily bought online and have it delivered to your doorstep. This will save so much time of the people and especially those who are very busy with their schedule. Arlo, in itself, is a very successful brand.  This is why it is recommended to use a good quality camera, rather than other small stuff. Arlo is following in the footsteps of the Netgear Company. For our readers today, we will be looking over how we can set up an Arlo security Camera.

  1. Take the Arlo camera out of the box.
  2. Next, attach the Arlo camera to the adapter wire and then to the wall socket (arlo.netgear.com).
  3. After this, you have to turn on the power switch so as to let the power go in and let the power turn on the Arlo adapter.
  4. When it turns on, you have to attach the Ethernet cable to the router, and the other end to the Arlo security camera. This will help transfer all the files from your security camera to the other places.
  5. Next, turn on your mobile phone (arlo.netgear.com) and download the Arlo application.
  6. Open the Arlo application. Now, it will ask you to log in, or sign up to the Arlo application.
  7. After doing so, have to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
  8. Now, open the application again and you will see your Arlo security camera displayed there.
  9. Click on the Connect button displayed over the camera.

This is all one needs to do to set up a normal Arlo camera. However, there are other models which need more work to be set up. Keep an eye out for our guides and blog to catch a glimpse of the next article.

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